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Why Choose SunGrid Solar?

SunGrid Solar is Orange County's #1 premium solar panel and battery storage solutions company. We help homeowners and businesses lower or eliminate their monthly electric bills by capturing the sun's light and converting it to clean renewable energy. What sets SunGrid Solar apart from other solar companies is our alternative approach to energy by focusing on three key phases: Reduction - Production - Aggregation. The combination of these three key points is the future in energy savings.

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We are dedicated in provide the latest cutting edge technology. The team goes through extensive education to understand and deliver the best possible service. Our installation team are all seasoned veterans in the solar industry with over 10 years of experience and 1,500 solar systems installed. When it comes to customer service we set that as our top priority. When we hire new employees we do extensive background checks and provide a 3-week training program to make sure everyone is well equipped to perform in the solar industry.

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When we look at a solar project we think what is the best way to help the homeowner get an amazing return on their investment.


SunGrid Solar has revolutionized the solar industry by releasing our smart energy reduction package free to every homeowner we switch to solar. Helping reduce the bill as much as possible before the solar system is installed. This way you can see savings immediately. 


Saftey is a priority in all of our projects. We make sure that we operate in a safe environment to prevent any possible accidents. Pest practices are always taken to maintain our zero incident rateing. 

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Our commitment to quality is implied at every stage of your solar project. When our customers see the work we have done and the attention to detail taken on their systems, they leave satisfied knowing they will have a solar system that will last for years to come.

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SunGrid Solar's team of dedicated professionals routinely exceeds our customer's expectations. To give our team a competitive advantage, they go through extensive skill training courses. ​

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Our customers trust us because of the communication during development, construction, and operation. We want you to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes, so there are no surprises when your solar project is complete.  

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SunGrid has been successful in dealing with challenging projects and demanding customers without over-promising or under-delivering. We are proud to say with our fast delivery and meeting key milestones on time, our customers have given us a 5-star rating on all platforms.

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