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Are Solar Panels Worth It ?

The world is changing continuously, evolving into a technologically better place with each passing day. The future is a mystery, and no one can truly predict what it has in store for us, but it would not be completely insignificant if we could interpret the recent trends and analyze the data that is coming out of the energy sector. One thing which looks very promising and about which we can be confidently ascertained is the fact that solar power is here to stay and will grow tremendously in the years to come. The sun is a vast energy resource, which can single-handedly cater to the power needs of the whole world. Even though the current figures might not suggest that solar power is a significant energy source, but sooner than later, this figure is going to increase drastically.

This article will summarize the many benefits of solar energy and if solar panels are worth it for homeowners, and shed light on the possible advantages that this form of energy brings for its users. With the advancements in technology, solar energy is undoubtedly becoming one of the most promising forms of energy.

The first and foremost benefit of solar energy is that it is entirely environmentally friendly. It does not produce or emit any greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and does not produce any pollutant by-products. The generation of solar energy does not require many raw materials, nor does it require a constant input of running expenses. A continuous supply of sunlight is all it takes for the solar panels to generate electricity. This is precisely why it is getting a popular choice in urban areas.

Solar energy is perhaps the only form of energy which enables an ordinary person to generate their own electricity, without too much hassle. All other forms of energy require large setups like a thermal power plant, hydroelectric power plant, and nuclear plant. Even wind energy requires large wind-turbines to create enough energy to power a home. If a user is in a position of generating their own electricity, this means that they can reduce or completely eliminate their electricity usage bills. More so, some areas also allow their residents to sell the surplus energy to the national grid through net-metering.

Opting for solar energy is also beneficial for many countries at large, let alone individuals, as it is applicable everywhere. It does not require special conditions, apart from the fact that the area should receive ample sunlight throughout the year. Remote areas that do not have the necessary infrastructure to get electricity from the national grid can easily install the solar panel infrastructure to cater for their own needs.

From an individual’s perspective, the single major benefit of solar energy is the financial and utility independence that it brings. More so, the interesting part of solar installation is that it is highly modular. A person can start with the basic infrastructure and begin enjoying the benefits of solar energy and then can expand his system as the situation requires.

From an overall economic point of view, solar energy brings many benefits. It improves the overall grid security by taking the burden off the power grid. Also, solar systems are installed very near to the consumers, mostly on their own homes. This means that no energy is wasted during transportation. If we speak of the conventional power systems, about 3-5% of the generated electricity is lost during distribution. As solar power plants are established, new jobs are created, not only in the power plants but also in the relevant industries. So are solar panels worth it? I think so.

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