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Solar panels cost
Solar panel cost

When looking at the cost of installing a solar system, you need to understand the solar panel cost breakdown.


How much do solar panels cost? The industry is set between $3 - $4 per watt. Most installers in California charge around $3.50 per watt. A home's average system size is between 5-7 KW. (1000 Watts = 1 KW). Let's say you were charged $3.30 watt for a 5KW system; your cost would be $16,500. After the ITC 26% tax credit, your net cost would be $12,210.

The actual cost of the physical products that will be installed, such as the solar panels, inverters, mounting racks, wire, miscellanies parts such as nuts and bolts, etc. All are broken down into your overall system cost. 

  • Solar panel Cost 25.7%

  • Solar invert cost 13.3%

  • Installation cost 12.4%

  • Opperations cost 41% (plans,permits,HOA,PTO,monitoring, etc...)

  • BOS cost 7.6% (Balance of system: wiring, electrical parts, mounts, etc...)

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