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Solar Installation Laguna Beach

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SunGrid is a premium solar panel & battery storage service company that helps homeowners and business owners save on their monthly electric bills by capturing the sun's light and converting it to clean renewable energy. As well as backing up the energy produced. 

We provide the power of the sun 24/7. We help reduce your electricity bill by taking an alternative approach to energy and focusing on three key phases: Reduction - Production - Aggregation. The combination of these three key points is the future in energy savings.

Solar Installation in Orange County


Residential Solar Orange County

Free yourself from the utility company's 4.7% annual increase in rates by capturing the sun's energy for yourself. As a premium local solar panel installer, we are homeowner's number one choice when it comes to renewable energy. Currently serving all of California, SunGrid is changing the game by offering our Energy Reduction Package with every solar panel installation.  Switching your home to solar energy will be the best decision you will ever make. It will pay for itself, positively affect the environment, add value to your home and the best part is you can start with little to no upfront cost, and your monthly payment will be less than what you currently pay the electric company. Our financing options help make the switch to solar energy easy and affordable. 

Commercial Solar in Southern California

Turn your business into an electricity-producing asset with commercial solar panels. We can install on any roof, and for companies that may not have enough room, you can choose a ground-mounted solar system or carport solar shade structure. SunGrid Solar understands the complexity of adding solar panels to your business. Our commercial project management team will provide a detailed plan for your system and be there every step of the way. Benefit from the financial savings a commercial solar system can provide and reduce your energy cost plus the strain of demand charges. We will help you offset your electrical consumption and provide a better bottom line for business.

Solar Energy with an Electric Vehicle Southern California

Since Californias electric companies are switching their customers to a TOU or Time of Use rate, there is no better time than now to add a solar battery to your home. Most solar systems are grid-tied systems which means they are connected to the power grid.  If you do not have a solar battery then the production of your solar panels is sent back to the grid when you produce more than your consumption. Protect yourself from peak hour pricing by backing up the energy you produce. During a blackout, even if you have solar, you will go off with the power grid. But by installing a solar battery, you can keep the lights on. Take advantage of the limited rebates that California has to offer. You can save up to 50% or more when you install energy storage in your home. 


SunGrid Solar offers an affordable made to last solar carport solution. A solar carport is when solar panels are installed on a shading structure rather than on your business. This requires no additional land space since it will be installed over your existing parking lot. The cost of energy is continuously rising, and by adding a solar carport to your business, you can protect yourself from the utility companies' rising costs. This will allow you to successfully stabilize your business cash flow so you can invest your savings elsewhere. Let the community notice your cause to a clean and more green environment. When adding a solar carport, customers and employees will take notice of your contribution to the community by reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Carport Installation Southern California
Solar Energy EV Southern California

Most people who own an electric vehicle prefer to charge in the comfort of their own home. Electric cars have increased in popularity in the past few years since they are healthy for the environment and save money. With an EV charger in your home, you can maximize your savings charging at off-peak times. Harness the power of your solar panels with our Level 2 chargers that use 240 volts and a recharge rate that is 10x faster. SunGrid Solar will make the process smooth and effortless. We provide top quality level 2 home charging stations with the most reliable and safest methods. With solar installed, you will see savings almost instantly compared to what would be spent at the gas station for a typical vehicle. 


SunGrid offers reroofing services for roofs that are in bad shape or can't support the solar panels. When combining your re-roof with solar, you can claim the 26% solar federal tax credit together. There are no other tax credits available for roofing costs aside from this! When it comes to roofing, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. SunGrid Solar is a one-stop-shop. You won't be dealing with multiple companies, and everything will be on the same bill as your solar plan. A pre roof site inspection will be conducted to determine the best solution for your home and solar panels. We take pride in our work and make sure your home's new roof is made to last. Call us today to get started on your re-roof/solar panel installation.

Reroofing and Solar in Orange County
Fast Solar Installation Southern California
Made in the USA Solar Panel Southern California
Southern California Solar Panels

345W Residential Premium Solar Panel 






Black anodized aluminum


68.5 × 40.6 × 1.26in

25-year product and

linear performance warranty


UL 1703, CE-Compliant,

IEC 61215, IEC 61730

At least 98% of nominal power during the first year. Thereafter max. 0.54% degradation per year. At least 93.1% of nominal power up to 10 years. At least 85% of nominal power up to 25 years.





SunGrid Solar take you step by step through the solar process from the designs to city permits and paperwork. Our great financing options make solar affordable for everyone. Solar panels can cost less than what you are currently paying to the utility company. Our product is backed by a 25-year product and linear performance warranty. SunGrid Solar will monitor your system and send you monthly reports on productions as well as provide you with an app to monitor you production in real time. Our installation crews are some of the best in the business with over 1300 installations we make sure that it is done right.

Want to learn more about the Federal Tax Credit for Solar? Click here:

SunGrid Solar CEO On Biz TV LA - All In With Bryan Weatherford

  • Eliminate or Reduce Your Electric Bill

  • Earn Tax Credits & Rebates

  • Earn a Great Return on Investment

  • Protect Against Rising Energy Cost

  • Increase Your Property Value

  • Save Thousands of Dollars

  • Pay Less Than What You Pay Now For Electricity

Solar Energy Southern California

Our mission is to help homeowners and businesses reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint by taking a holistic approach in providing the highest quality renewable energy products. We want to advance the solar industry by providing exceptional service to our clients and creating a measurable value. SunGrid Solar strives for excellence in every aspect of our business to make our clients' experience, one that will leave a lasting impression.


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